Pelican Lake Hotel 

A 9,500 square feet lake home for family reunions, special occasions, organization retreats, and group vacations on a beautiful 3,585-acre lake


Pelican Lake Hotel Sunset View

The original building in 1898

The original building built by John F. pergande, August G. Nagel, and Henry G. Nagel. It was the first resort built on Pelican Lake. It was called Beach Hotel and was the center of all activities in the area as shown in the picture below.

First major renovation in 1912 

Fisrt major renovations in 1912 with new owners Charles J. Burns, Andrew J. Mclain, and William Curtis, they formed Pelican Lake Hotel Corporation. It was a combination of the Victorian and brick building in an effort to modernize the look of the hotel. Electricity and inddor plumbing were added at this time. The hotel's new name was Beach Inn.

Third renovation of the hotel in 1928

In 1926, the hotel caught fire. The brick facade of the hotel was all that was left of the building. In 1928, Frank Susedik rebuilt the hotel using the same foundation of the Beach hotel in 1898 and the same brick that was left after the fire. The hotel's new name was Pelican Lake Hotel.

The New Pelican Lake Hotel


Fred and Mary Chermack took over in 1934 and changed the name to The New Pelican Lake Hotel. Together, they ran the hotel until 1970.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowe's and Mr. and Mrs. O'Gorman's changed the name into The Old Pelican Lake Hotel in 1970, and Gene and Shirley Kacskowski changed the name again to The Great Fish Inn.  

The Present Look of the Hotel

We, Steve and Julie Artus bought the hotel in 2010 right after we got married there. We did so many renovations of the place. Now she's standing with elegance, so beautiful waiting for YOU.

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