Pelican Lake Hotel 

A 9,500 square feet lake home for family reunions, special occasions, organization retreats, and group vacations on a beautiful 3,585-acre lake


Pelican Lake Hotel Sunset View

About Us

I, and my husband Steve, are dedicated to providing our families/guests the best service we can offer, whether it's family reunion, wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasions. With Steve's 27 years in the airline industry as an airline captain, and my graduate degree and experience in teaching and in hospitality industry, we strongly believe our capability to give our guests the best experience at the Pelican Lake Hotel. 

We are providing a home for big crowds, especially for family reunions, special events, organizational retreats, and group vacations. We rent the Pelican Lake Hotel to those who wish to stay at the place with a weekly or weekend flat rate rental.


It all began on our very own wedding day that was held at the Pelican Lake Hotel on August 28, 2010. We were renters then. The moment Gene and Shirley, previous owners, handed that key to us, we felt home right away. We felt total privacy where we can just do whatever we want, and just be ourselves. We felt that homey feeling as if we own Pelican Lake Hotel. It only felt better when our friends arrived. The talking, laughing, and cooking then began. The feeling of closeness and freedom were so amazing. Everybody had a good time. We laughed and got drunk in the bar, we cooked like we were feeding a thousand in that beautiful spacious fully-equipped kitchen, we danced barefooted in the dining room like it's nobody's business, we enjoyed our amazing fireworks in the front lawn (the best one so far in our lake), and exhanged fun stories around the bonfire. We terrorized the lake with our boats and jet skis the next day. Everybody had a blast! We felt like we were one big happy family, everybody helped out to get things done. So the decision of buying the Pelican Lake Hotel came up and 45 days later, we owned the this amazing place! It's a love story for us!


Then came the question, "What to do with the beautiful Pelican Lake Hotel?" The answer was: we want to keep it the way it was;serving families and friends strengthening bonds and relationships together. We want others to experience what we experienced when we were there. Being from a country of strong family values and orientation, it is our privilege to be a part of that strong bond of family ties and friendships. We pride ourselves to be able to provide this homey, comfortable, spacious, and convenient place, the Pelican Lake Hotel, for families and friends who keep that strong relationships tight.


Having said that, it was our wish to rehabilitate Pelican Lake Hotel. It was the most classy hotel in the surrounding towns in its time and it was our goal to restore this building to its prestine look way back in 1912. So we are now at the end of our 5-year renovation plan and we are proud to say that Pelican Lake Hotel is now as beautiful as it was way back then and is open all year long to serve families, couples, clubs, organizations, and to all who wish to experience to stay at the historic Pelican Lake Hotel.